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H2A Recruitment Agencies

Harvesting Grapes on vineyard

Our Services

Simply put: We will find the workers and match them up with you according to your needs. Your search for qualified, hardworking Mexican workers stops here!

H2A Mexican Field Workers


Locate talent

Our Team travels throughout Mexico to find the best candidates in multiple disciplines: crops from Asparagus to Zucchini, construction, fast food, fish processing/packaging, welders, heavy machinery, etc.


Candidates Registry

Candidates are screened for drug use, work experience, and security checks and then entered into our software system. The candidates most suitable to your needs are then presented to you. The decision to hire the candidate is entirely yours.

UDWSS candidate registry software system
Visa Assistance


Assistance with the Visa Process

We handle the logistics for our clients. We help our candidates to navigate all the Consular services processes until they secure their visa and all other necessary travel documents.


Arrange transportation from Mexico to your site

We have partnered with legally established, insured, and registered transportation companies in Mexico to transport the candidates. Together with this company, we will transport all your hired workers to your worksite.
Candidates also have the option to secure their own safe, reliable transportation, but we guide them until they reach your doorsteps.

UDWSS service arrange transportation for workers to worksite
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