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Smart Recruit Pro
Our solution for you:

The "Smart Recruit Pro" Tool

phone number

We will get and set up an exclusive number for you, which is answered by an Interactive Voice Response system (IVR), so candidates call and get all their answer without talkint to you or your staff.

Imagine all the time this frees up!

No more publishing your personal or office phone number.

Dedicated registration webpage

No more receiving, printing and reading paper resumees. We design and publish a custom web page so your candidates can register and answer any skills or eliminatory questions you wish to include.

Get your
time back

Our solution lets you get back A LOT of your time (and your team's too) to allow you focus on YOUR business and core activity, not on answering the phone or replying to emails.

Plus, you get "out of the drama" with your employees of why you hired candidate X over his/her family member or friend.


No more using your personal or generic email

When you submit the job order to the Department of Labor you must publish a way for applicants to contact you.

Instead of using your personal or a generic email address, we will give you a dedicated web registration page where they can apply.


Exclusive registration form

Candidates will be able to register and apply for the job leaving all their personal information, plus any questions you need to include.

US citizens and H-2A/B applicants can register.

Form is fully billingual (English and Spanish).


No more phone calls, no more saturated voice machine

Instead of publishing your personal or office number, we will get and set up a dedicated phone number (with an area code in or close to your city) so job seekers can call.


They get all the answers from the automated system, not you

They will be greeted by a bilingual (English and Spanish) Interactive Voice Response System (IVR) when they call the number we set up for you, and from there they will be able to learn up to 90% of the information pertinent to the position without speaking to you or your team.

The system provides all the answers to candidates in an automated fashion.

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Special discount for multiple job listings that you advertise.

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Product brochure

See in detail what the product offers and what it can do for you and your business.

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