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About Us

Video presentation of who we are and what we can offer you

We are a full-service Recruitment and Placement Agency based in Stamford, Connecticut, USA and servicing American and Canadian employers. We help our clients to locate the perfect workers from Mexico to fulfill or supplement their staff needs whenever they need them.
(All year long—during peak or harvest season!)

H2A workers picking up grapes on vineyard

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you succeed by connecting you with the most qualified laborers in the Mexican labor market, while developing a 1-to-1 relationship with you. You will always talk to the same person each time you call us, we guarantee it!
(The same agent will work with you from beginning to end).

H2B construction workers building skyscraper

Why You Should Choose US?

We have learned that staffing is not a numbers game—it’s a relationship building business! That is why we put an emphasis on listening, guiding, and matching. We take a more personal approach to doing business with you, which sets us apart and above other staffing services.
Take a look at our features and services, and let us take the pressure of workers search off your back. Simply contact us today.

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UDWSS recruiter interviewing candidate

One activity only

Finding and hiring skilled talents is more significant than ever before. We have the tools to connect companies that need workers with the best qualified, hardworking workers. Our scouts screen and seek out the job applicants and we match them with the companies that need them. It’s that simple!

Recruiting Office in Mexico

We have an effective recruiting team in Mexico. Our representatives in Mexico look for, register, and screen out the best qualified applicants for the job, and we present them to you. We match them to your specific needs.
Our talent pool is large and growing.

UDWSS Mexico office view
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